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A country of “Ghaddar” and “Kuffar”

It was created in the name of Islam.

Yet it has produced more ghaddar and kuffar.

Every political party, every leader has branded others ghaddar.

Every leader claims to be the sole protector of Islam.

Every religious sect has declared others kafir.

Even army chiefs have been called ghaddar.

If we add it all up, we have produced more ghaddar and kuffar in the name of patriotism and Islam.

It is probably the only country where the majority (if not all) are ghaddar or kafir.

Everyone uses some article of the constitution to justify his unconstitutional steps.

The constitution is not a menu. You can’t pick the “flavour of the month” you like.

But no one talks about article 3: The State shall ensure the elimination of all forms of exploitation and the gradual fulfilment of the fundamental principle, from each according to his ability, to each according to his work”.

Instead of ending the exploitation, the governments have been champions in inventing new forms of exploitation.

There are many more articles about the rights of the people which are completely ignored.

What should we call the people who break the oath and use religion to continue exploitation?

It was created in the name of Islam.

Now it is being destroyed in its name.

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