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Floods in Pakistan
Causes, Catastrophes, Aftermath, Remedies (A Talk by Farooq Tariq)
(Oct 16, 2022, at International Institute for Research and Education, Amsterdam)

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Floods in Pakistan are a recurring tragedy. 

Climate change has made this periodic tragedy even worse.

The sufferings and damages caused by the floods are distressing. 

Poor people are affected most.


It has exposed again the incompetence of the Pakistani State, Governments, their corruption and insensitivity. 

It also shows the scale of devastation because of the climate change caused by the rich countries, multi-nationals, their greed, neo-liberalism and obsession with growth.

The increase in profits is directly related to the increase in poverty and suffering of millions of people. 


Our guest speaker, Farooq Tariq, has been at the forefront of the rescue work and helping the flood victims in Pakistan. He talked about his experience, observations and analysis of the reasons for floods, the real situation of the people in affected areas, the failure of the authorities, the aftermath and what should be done to prevent or minimize the sufferings of the poor people.


Farooq Tariq lives in Lahore and studied at the University of Amsterdam. He is the General Secretary of the Kisan Rabta Committee, President of Haqooq-e-Khalq Party, member of the Editorial Board of Daily Jeddojehad, member Steering Committee at People’s SAARC, member of Asia Europe People’s Forum (AEPF) and advisor at South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication. 

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