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Ukraine - A Dichotomy
A historical and geo-political perspective
(July 17, 2022)

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“Truth is the first casualty in war”.
This seems to be the only truth about Ukrainian war. It is not only between Russia and Ukraine. It is USA’s, Europe’s and NATO’s proxy war against Russia. It has become a question of safeguarding the liberal international order. Like many previous wars, it is presented to us as a war between
the good and the evil, a war between Russia and rest of the world. We see a massive supply of weapons to Ukraine. Joe Biden sees it as the golden opportunity to regain the fading glory, get the largest ever defence budget ($ 813 bn) and expand its permanent presence in Europe. There’s hardly any talk of diplomacy. Only a decisive “Ukrainian victory” seems to be an acceptable outcome, while Ukrainian people are paying the price. The refugees are arriving in large numbers. There is no limit to West’s generosity towards them. It is heart-warming. With amazement, the refugees from other parts of the world are asking themselves what they did wrong? Why did Russia attack Ukraine in the first place? What are their security concerns? Why such chest beating by the west and calling it their war? What does the “victory” for the liberal world order entail? Can it evolve into a world war? This hybrid event was meant to discuss the dynamics of Ukrainian war in historical and geo-political perspective - its origin, political roots, economic interests and impact on the world.

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