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“Unity in Diversity”

We are faced with a rise in radicalization, right-wing extremism, polarization and intolerance. It is being used as a tool by the exploiters to divide the oppressed classes in the name of nationalism, patriotism, faith and identity. 

At the same time, the world has become more diverse than ever - a global village - with new challenges and opportunities for progressives.

We at OPP believe that “Unity in Diversity“ can strengthen the dissemination of new powerful ideas to make the world a better place.



“Strive to eliminate exploitation and discrimination through meaningful dialogues”

OPP pledges to inspire positive change through meaningful dialogues. We are eager to work with all progressive individuals, groups and communities for a just society with equal rights and opportunities for everyone, and free of all kinds of bigotry.

Who we are

Established in 2016, OPP is an independent, forward-looking, non-profit Foundation based in The Netherlands.

We believe in democracy, human rights, minority rights and gender equality, human dignity, inclusion and tolerance. 


We continuously and increasingly came across youth who have grown up in a society with values very different from the values adhered to by their parents, which can result in creating gaps between the communities. 


There was a need for a platform where everyone could openly bring up and discuss the issues often considered taboo, with mutual respect and without labelling people. Uniting them instead of dividing them. Promote harmony. Bridge the gaps between the communities. Not be affiliated with any political party.


OPP’s Dialogues, held at the Free University (VU) Amsterdam, had to go online after the Covid outbreak. This has increased OPP’s audience and coverage exponentially beyond Netherlands and Belgium.

OPP now interacts with people of multiple identities, origins and nationalities across several countries, who share progressive values.

What we do

We engage progressives to realize our Vision and Mission through:

  • Offering a platform where people can share and exchange their views, and learn from each other. 

  • Organizing Dialogues on critical topics. 

  • Creating awareness on socio-economic issues their reasons and consequences, in particular related to discrimination and economic exploitation. 

  • Establishing contacts with like-minded organizations, offering solidarity, facilitating unity and taking a collective progressive position on key issues.

Join us -  Support us in any way you can …
  • Standing on the side lines is no choice.

  • Every support, every effort, no matter how small, can make a significant difference.

  • Please contact us to discuss how you can help to advance our purpose.

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