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Choking our Planet to Death
The Climate Change - Causes, Impact and Challenges 
(Jan 22, 2023)

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From the first COP in Berlin in 1995 to the 29th COP in Sharm El-Shaikh, - 27 conferences in as many years!

Every conference started with enormous enthusiasm but ended in compromises and commitments which were never kept.

The priority for growth and profit continued.

We were led to believe that the free market will resolve all problems, but the emissions of Greenhouse gases from human activities are now higher than at any point in human history.

Most of the polluting production was moved to less industrialized countries with cheap labour, limited workers’ rights, relaxed environmental laws and corruptible bureaucracy.

The countries which contributed least to the environmental damage are suffering the most.

How could it come this far that it became the biggest existential threat to the planet and humankind? Is it irreversible? What are its root causes? Its social, political and economic impact, and long-term challenges?

This On-line Dialogue is organized to discuss these and many other related questions.

Our speaker:

Prof. Dr Mojib Latif – a German meteorologist and oceanographer of Pakistani descent. He took a position as a scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in 1985 and earned his PhD. His doctoral thesis supervisor has been Klaus Hasselmann who was awarded the Physics Nobel Prize 2021.  In 2003 he became a professor at the University of Kiel.

He is President of Akademie der Wissenschaften Hamburg and President Deutsche Gesellschaft Club of Rome. 

Mojib Latif is a regular guest on TV discussions about global warming.

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