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Get involved

Our platform is open for everyone who wants to participate in building a society which is free of exploitation and all kinds of bigotry. It requires dedication, honesty and seriousness. We owe it to ourselves and our society.

We sincerely hope you stand with our objectives and activities, or at least sympathize with us.

All individuals involved with OPP are volunteers. We have no affiliation with any party or organization. We are self-funded organization and do not get any kind of subsidy from anyone.


Depending on your situation, you can support us at various levels.


Ideally, we’d love you to actively participate in running and building OPP and promote its objectives. It is entirely up to you to determine the nature and level of your engagement in accordance with your skills and interests.


At the least, you can support us by making a modest contribution, attending our events and sharing our articles, blogs etc. with your friends. Or you may contribute to promote the cause by offering services based on your skills and competencies.


Your generous support will help fund activities like:

  • Support to undocumented Pakistanis;

  • Refugees from Pakistan;

  • Organizing events and activities;

  • And much more.....

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