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Israel-Palestine Conflict - Right of Self-Determination or a Religious Feud
(June 27, 2021)

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OPP's Viewpoint on the Subject


  1. Was the creation of a state for Jews in the region, a desire to oust Jews from Europe, the guilt of western nations, religious obligation, power-balancing scheme, a success of the Zionist movement or a failure of Muslim states?

  2. Is Israel’s aggressive outlook toward neighbouring countries a result of religious belief, expansionism, or a survival strategy?

  3. Why over ten Muslim majority Arab states resourced with land, population and wealth were defeated three times by Israel and despite the UN’s resolution a separate state for Palestinians has yet not been created?

  4. Can we call the conflict between Palestinians and Israel a clash of religions or is it fundamentally a human rights issue?

  5. Why a worldwide outcry on Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians is not being monetized by ‘Ummah’ comprising of 50 nation-states? On the contrary, presently, a campaign in the Muslim world is carried out to recognise the state of Israel.

  6. and many more....

A written report shall be uploaded soon
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