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A fascist and white supremacist strikes again

Payton Gendron, a self-proclaimed fascist and a white supremacist shot 10 persons.

He was known to the authorities.

He had gone through a mental health evaluation last June after making a "generalised threat".

Yet he was able to buy guns.

Some 40,000 deaths a year involve firearms in America.

Gendron was inspired by previous racist attacks.

He live-streamed his shooting, which will inspire more violence.

He has pleaded “not guilty”.

If found guilty, he will spend his life in prison.

There will be another incident, then another, then another…

Are the fundamental issues being addressed?

Let’s start with 61 forms of voter suppression listed by “The Voting Rights Alliance”.

And the politicians, including the presidents, who fuel hate.

Nothing will change if this act is brought down to a “sick individual”, “hateful person”, a “demented individual” …

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