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Competition among the Disasters

It is tragic. There is no limit to how low the humanity can sink.

It is tragic that the tragedies and disasters in the world are competing for attention.

Each one is shouting to prove that it is more tragic than the other.

Afghanistan, Yemen, Rohingya, Syria, Tigray, Libya, Palestine, Ukraine … and many more.

Who’s needs are more serious - that’s not the question.

Who deserves help and support and who can be ignored?

When does the decision-making process takes years, when can it be fast-tracked?

When does it take years to deal with the laws and the system?

And when all hurdles can be removed within days?

When is the death of every individual a tragedy?

And when is death of millions a collateral damage?

How terrorists transform into freedom fighters and then back to terrorists?

Tough questions but you know the answer.

How serious a disaster is? It depends upon who created it.

You can’t help everyone. You have to carefully work out the ROI.

It is free market. Like everything else, the disasters have to compete too.

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