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Khalid Hameed Farooqi left us

Updated: May 8, 2022

We are in shock. In pain. In disbelief.

He was supposed to be in Amsterdam today.

He was supposed to speak on Ukrainian war and share his first-hand experience.

And his vast and deep knowledge on this topic.

We were waiting for his call to tell us whether he will arrive on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Instead, we got a devastating call that he is gone.

Is he?

No, he is with us, among us and always will be.

Instead of applause on his today’s planned lecture, we are receiving condolence messages.

Hundreds of messages are pouring in.

He was a unique person – courageous, upright, principled, friendly, fighter for truth and justice, generous, activist, a defender of rights of the deprived, tireless, inspiring, selfless …

Khalid, our dear friend and comrade you will always live in our hearts.

The best tribute we all can pay him, is the commitment to continue his fight.

That’s what he would want us to do. And that’s what we shall do.

Our hearts go out to his family.


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