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When the Elephants Fight

"When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers” - an East African proverb.

In Pakistan, three elephants and several bulls are fighting.

The bulls always join the elephant with chances of winning.

We know too well who these elephants and bulls are!

They are like trained circus elephants.

But it doesn’t make the fight and the damage less severe.

Often, you don’t understand who’s fighting against whom.

But we do know why.

And we also know what for.

The fights among the elephants (and the bulls) are going on for 75 years.

Now you can easily imagine how much grass has been crushed.

How much it has suffered.

It will be crushed again.

The more the elephants (and the bulls), the more severe is the damage.

The grass – the people – are watching the national sports contest.

They have seen it many times, over and over again.

They have learned to enjoy it, though they know they’ll be crushed again.

They know that the elephants give a damn about the grass.

The grass has also learned about its strength.

It knows it is capable of growing back again.

Isn’t it time to tell the elephants and the bulls about this strength?

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