"Striving to eliminate exploitation and discrimination through meaningful dialogues"

Who we are

Together with Pakistanis living in the Netherlands, OPP wants to inspire change. We should connect the communities and participate in any way we can, in developing a just society with equal opportunities which is free of all kinds of bigotry.

What we do

OPP is a platform where everyone could openly bring up and discuss the issues often considered taboo, without labelling each other, and in an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance and mutual understanding. The effort is to unite people and to bridge the gaps.


Pakistani diaspora either as interest groups or as an individual is engaged in different activities to serve their own community and to contribute to the society of the host country i.e. Netherlands while promoting a fair image of its homeland. 

Get Involved

Our platform is open for everyone who wants to participate in building a society which is free of exploitation and all kinds of bigotry. It requires dedication, honesty and seriousness. Depending on your situation, you can support us at various levels.


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