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Old wine in new bottles

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Old wine in new bottles.

You may have seen the “maverick” politicians – Mifta Ismail, Khaqan Abbasi – respectively ex finance minister and ex prime minister. They have suddenly seen the light. They are on a campaign of seminars, “re-imagining Pakistan”.

They have risen against the “1% elite/ruling class”. They have stood up for the poor. Both belong to the same 1% they hold responsible for all the misery. And, they are both senior leaders of the ruling party, largely responsible for the current situation.

Well, it can happen that an individual rebels against his class.

Their analysis of the precarious situation in Pakistan is appealing. Most statistics are correct.

However, the solutions they are suggesting will benfit the same 1% and will make IMF and the neo-liberals very happy. The 99% will contionue to suffer. Perhaps even more.

We would like to add a “health warning” on this new bottle with old poisonous wine.

Either they are on a campaign to mend the image of their party, create an atmosphere conducive to return of Nawaz Shareef and the elections, or they will be presented as an “alternative” to the mainstream parties.

Let’s wait and see. Whatever the case, they can’t be trusted. They want full implementation of neo-liberal policies which have been proven disasterous.

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