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They are one of us and we want them in

We have seen many filters, even when it comes to human rights. Here are some more:

“They are one of us and we want them in” – Ursula von der Leyen, EU.

“This place is not Iraq, nor Afghanistan. This is a civilized European country” – CBS. correspondent.

“What is compelling… look at how they're dressed. These are not people trying to flee their countries in the Middle East and Africa. They look like any European family.” – Al Jazeera English.

“They look like us, which makes this shocking. Ukraine is a European country. It's people who watch Netflix and have Instagram accounts”. - Telegraph UK

"We are in the 21st century, we are in a European city and we have cruise missile fire as though we were in Iraq or Afghanistan, can you imagine!?” – BFM TV France

“They're smart and educated Europeans, and have no obscure pasts, like the possibility of being terrorists: - Bulgarian PM.

"The unthinkable has happened...This is not a developing, third-world nation; this is Europe!" – ITV UK.

“What about [a football] player who lifted his T-shirt in a game after scoring a goal, to reveal “No War in Ukraine” which he had written underneath. Will FIFA tell him what it told Abu Trika previously when he lifted his T-shirt after scoring a goal, to show a message of “Sympathize with Gaza”? – Ward Furati

“The darker your skin the worse and longer the wait” – African students at Ukraine/Polish border.

Of course, Ukrainians escaping terrible war must be helped. But black lives matter too – even in a war.

(The quotes are collected from news reports on the internet)

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