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In Defense of Honor

Preservation of a man’s honor is important.

It is our tradition. It is in our DNA.

First recorded American duel was in 1621.

When a man’s honor was insulted by another, he challenged his offender to a duel.

It was personal.

Men killed for honor. Men died for honor.

People gathered to watch the spectacle.

Times have changed.

Have they?

The duels are now between the countries.

The most powerful challenge the less powerful for a duel whenever they believe their honor is challenged.

In these duels - wars - the challenger remains unhurt. Millions other die.

You know what happens if the powerful take a war personally.

There is no right or wrong. All bets are off. All lies are true.

They want to settle for nothing less than full submission or the regime change. Whatever the cost.

George Bush took it personally.

Referring to Saddam Hussain, he said, “after all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad." The rest is history.

Now Joe Biden has taken it personally.

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