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Fluctuating generosity

UN target for spending on aid is 0.7% of GNI.

According to the last reports, France spent around 0.4%.

Italy and Canada about 0.3%.

Japan and the USA roughly 0.2%. Germany 0.66%.

UK spent 0.7%, but has recently rushed to slash it by more than 50%

(£ 4.2 bn), according to the national audit office.

The funding was slashed by 69% to Syria, 62% in Bangladesh, 49% in South Sudan.

Support for Palestinian refugees in Syria was discontinued, despite warnings about the impact on health and education.

Funding to the UN population fund was cut.

“Generosity” has its limits.

Domination of the world comes at a price, but those who dominate also decide the price. It can fluctuate.

The market and the interests drive that price.

When it comes to war, even sky isn’t the limit.

Unlimited funds are available.

As if the bombs, rockets, planes, submarines, drones, tanks are free.

The aid can be slashed or stopped, the assets of any country can be frozen and the punishments can be pronounced at will.

Aid seems to be a business model.


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