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Democracy Won, People Lost!

The supreme court of Pakistan gave its verdict.

The constitution has prevailed.

But only the articles which are useful for those in power.

The articles that give the people any rights are just a decor.

Like plastic flowers.

The opposition is victorious.

Naya Pakistan or the dream of Riasat-e-Madina turned out to be a nightmare.

But the “old” Pakistan is even a bigger nightmare.

The incompetent lost to the proven swindlers.

Whether PPP, PML(N), Musharraf or PTI, the same group of vultures rules the country.

They believe the ruling is their right. They know the game.

They have been democratically imposed on us several times before.

They have succeeded again to protect their wealth, shedding off all charges, making a grand come-back as the saviours and resuming their exploitation.

People will hear some new and some old slogans.

Promises of making Pakistan heaven will be louder than before.

Those out of power will join the winners and/or regroup for their “right to rule”.

One bitter lesson: Nothing has changed, nothing will change if the system doesn’t change.

Democracy has won. The people have lost.

It will happen again and again until there’s people’s democracy.

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1 Comment

Taha Rehman
Taha Rehman
Nov 24, 2022

I think it's time that we stop calling them "democratically" elected governments. Pakistan is a military-junta state, every party rules with the permission of establishment; so "democracy" ceases to exist at this point. It can't be true democracy if no one else can enter politics against the few chosen parties. It's not's just a highly extractive military-fascist state.

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