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"A great deal with Turkey to stop the refugees.

€ 6 billion to keep them there.

Or send them back. Do whatever you like.

We will look the other way".

"Scores of dead bodies of refugees wash ashore.

Photographs of little Alan Kurdi shook us for a few days.

But our policy is clear. Our resolve is strong.

And if they manage to cross over, then keep them in Lesbos, Samos, Chios, Kos, Leros or any of the many other camps we are paying you for.

Some called these camps "European Guantánamos".

So what, the real Guantanamo is still open. A model of justice".

"18ft-high metal wall topped with barbed wire, 115 miles along the Polish border.

We can't let "them" run us over, take over our country. We have to protect our culture, our identity".

"Domenico Lucano, former mayor of Riace (Italy) had a visionary model for welcoming thousands of refugees.

He said migration is a human right.

Where is he now?"

Let's fast forward.

The plight of Ukrainian refugees is truly heartbreaking.

They are one of us. They are part of us. They are welcome.

Of course, they should be received with open arms. Given all the support.

But we won’t let “others” slip through the cracks.

We are not colour blind.

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