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Mosques are Allah ka Gha

Mosques are Allah ka Ghar – House of God.

All mosques.

Shia mosques too?

Or only mosques of a particular sect/denomination?

Who decides?

Aren’t all places of worship houses of God?

Then why this animosity? Why this hatred?

Why blow up houses of God and kill each other?

Who’s God is going to win?

One thing is certain: Many innocent people will continue to die.

Even separate graveyards for the dead.

Are we afraid to mix even after death?

Peshawar – the latest of uncountable “incidents”.

A foreign hand?

May be so. But who’s responsibility is it stop the foreign hand?

Is this a quarrel between the foreign and the local Gods?

Why don’t we simply accept and respect each other’s God.

May be that’s the solution.

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